The Ties That Bind

Hello, fellow Anthasians!

I thought I’d pop in and say hello, and mention again that a new page of the comic is up on the site. I think it looks pretty damn cool.

We’re finally heading into the beginnings of our great tale. A tale that will be rife with danger, full of laughter, and built on camaraderie. The bonds that you’ll see forming in the comic to come is intrinsically and proportionally tied to the bonds shared by all of the players as well.

For those who are joining us since the fundraising campaign or didn’t see the video, which you could take a moment to watch by clicking on this bit of text here, this entire series is based around a role-playing game that I play with a group of some of my closest friends.

Years and years ago, in a mythical land called Lincoln, Nebraska, Joe, our friend Ben and I created the world of Anthasa. A world with a rich history that had seen both times of peace and prosperity along with years of war and bloodshed. We spent months talking about how this world worked, the races who inhabited it, the building of great cities and the falling of empires. We brought life to the gods who ruled this planet, and in a way, were those gods themselves. (And yes, we even named them after us.) The oldest brother was Jorlu, the god of light and benevolence. Logatz, the second brother, was the god of chaos, always unruly and always unpredictable. And then there was Benti, the god of darkness, whose subtle manipulation was among one of his greatest traits and made him a fearsome adversary.

After the world, Anthasa, was finished being developed, we began our first foray into the our adventures there. This first adventure we played took place during the Third Age of Anthasa. We were all in University at the time, and I have to say, looking back at my life all those years ago, those weekly, Sunday night gaming sessions were the highlight of my time there. It became our tradition. A way to start the week among friends that we dreaded to miss if something in the real world happened to come up and couldn’t be avoided. Joe ran the game, and we played out the lives of our motley crew. Olden Tumble, an centuries old, human chaos sorcerer who lived his life by the flip of a coin. Habrek Howlingbeard, a dwarven shaman who adventured with Olden in their twenties, who grew old and communicated with the nature around him with the help of his two spirit bears. Loki, a young Serendari assassin who was tasked to steal a powerful old book and then changed his allegiance to help fight for the world’s greatest good. Semelie, a young Shifter woman in tune with the turning of the world who, with her penchant for magic, worked to find Anthasa’s balance. Osiris, Semelie’s brother, a protective and fiercely loyal fighter who dreamed of living in the skies. And Sven, (yes, there was anther Sven) an old, drunken barbarian with delusions of grandeur and the blade of an axe to meet anyone who questioned his strength. Every Sunday, we spent hours in a world we created, forging friendships within and without our game. At the end of our world-spanning campaign, we had stopped the corrupted sorcerer, Falrendis, fought in a mighty war started by Serendar who created the fearsome Warborne in an effort to wipe magic from the planet, and killed the Goddess Anthasa herself to stop her from tearing existence asunder. Those times are very close to my heart. I even cried at the last game session before moving to Los Angeles, Cried like a little baby. It was hard to give up such an important part of my life like that, especially the friendships I had forged. Luckily, as it turned out, most of them ended up packing up and moving to Los Angeles shortly thereafter. I had my friends, the game, and our own little world back. Even still, almost six years later, we get together every Sunday night to be part of something great. Something we’ve all created. Something we all love.

With every new page that gets posted, with every blog post, with every line and letter and splash of color, I’m thankful that we can share this world with you. This world that we’ve loved and been living in for so long. As we work on the comic, we’re also going to be working to allow other players, groups of fast friends who enjoy sitting around together, maybe even every Sunday from eight to midnight, to build their own adventures in our world. The more the merrier, right? Updates on that will be coming later, and sooner if there’s a large enough interest from you guys for us to develop the world, the races, and the history into a system for you to enjoy. So get those dice out and get ready to roll. Ha. See what I did there?

And if today’s post got you curious about Anthasa’s past, be sure to leave your two cents in the comment section below. I’ll answer any and all questions about our world and their people that you like, granted that I’m not giving out any spoilers. None of us want that.

Keep your eyes peeled, my fellow Anthasians. There’s more on the horizon.


Welcome, Welcome

Hey, everyone! How are we doing today?

So, as you are bound to see, this is my first blog post. As with anything, starting is always the most difficult thing to do when it comes to something like this. Even now, I’m sitting here next to Joe and Jon who are hard at work, and it’s taken me about five minutes to get this far. And I’m the writer. 

Let me start off by saying thank you. A deep, genuine, heartfelt thank you to everyone who has joined us on this adventure so far. I’m gobsmacked that all of you have been so incredible, supportive, and constructive to us. So, from you to me, thank you.

Also, let me also do a quick shout out to everyone over on Reddit. I’ll admit, however, I have no idea how that place works. It’s beyond me currently, but Joe has promised to teach me how to internet. Anyway, you guys and gals have been really great these last few days with your support, your interest, and your criticisms. And, seriously, thank you for that.

Now, one of the things I’m going to do on this here bloggie-wog is something I’m going to call “Logan’s Complete Guide to Anthasa,” or something suitably pretentious along those lines. I’m open for suggestions in the comments section that Joe has promised me that we have.

As you read from Joe’s previous post, I’m not going to sit around and explain what’s going on in the comic. What I’ll do are posts about the world, its history, and its lore. It’s not essential to enjoy the comic, but since this is based on a very long and involved pen-and-paper role playing game, there is bound to be some interesting back stories and supplemental materials. Also, it’ll all be things based in the past. No need to worry about spoilers.

This is where you guys can come in. Let me know what you’re curious about in the comments. Have a question about crystal technology? Hit me with it, and I’ll give you a rundown. Wondering how the government in the Gnomish city of Gizmorian is different than the governing parliament and king in Aman’Dala? I’d be more than happy to explain. Have a passing fancy about what happened during the Third Age Wars? We can talk about that, too.

That about wraps it up for now, Anthasians. Come back to visit soon, and head over to our indiegogo page to watch our videos, see some more cool artwork, and, if you can, donate to the cause. We’re ten days away from the end of our fundraiser with a lot of ground left to cover.

Thanks again for dropping by. I’ll head out now, before I start going full Mr. Rogers on everyone and start singing while I don a lovely warm sweater.