How Things Will Be Handled.

Last week I totally brought up how we will be ending the story of Anthasa and closing down the site. Judging by the overwhelming no response that I got through email or twitter or anything I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a deal. I guess the other possibility is that no one reads the blog and so the have no idea that anything is going on. In the mean time we continue to plod along by adding some color in to page five this week.

I talked briefly about the old Indiegogo campaign and how we were going to handle things there: I have given it a lot of thought, and here is the plan. I want to give our contributors a choice, but I need to put a reasonable time limit on it to protect myself as well. First, let me say; anyone who is owed physical or digital copies of any media will have those fulfilled on as per the original agreement. That means if you are owed a poster or copy of the printed comic book, or just digital version of either, you will be receiving those products. Details will come as we get closer to the full color version being online. This mostly has to do with those who paid to have their likeness appear in the comic and the like. For everyone that it applies to you will be receiving an email soon giving you the following choice:

1. We can refund you the difference between what we were able to deliver on during the course of Anthasa and what we were not. i still have to do the math on what that dollar amount is; more details in the upcoming email.

2. My work is going to continue, and next week i will start to talk about my next web comic project, which I have already started developing. I could definitely fulfill my obligations during the course of that webcomic instead. Again, details upcoming.

There will be a cut off date for letting me know which version you prefer, and I will make sure to be upfront about that as well. I just need to be sure you aren’t visiting me 20 years from now asking about your fulfillment and all that.

It’s Time to Talk About What’s Next

We’ve hit the milestone of page 14 today, and it is now available to the general pubic for your consumption. I think it turned out pretty well, though upon looking at it I think my linework has become so fine that the drawing is looking a little bit washed out. I will probably doctor up a new version to give over to Jon for coloring, so expect some improvement when that hits.

Folks, Anthasa is coming to an end.

Page 15 is going to be the last new page produced for this webcomic. The fact of the matter is; we just haven’t seen the kind of growth of turnout that we wanted for this point in our existence. Actually, we have really seen the opposite. I’m not mad about it in the slightest. The way I see it; this was my first product and it just wasn’t popular. I understand that that means it is time to simply try a new product. That’s how life goes and I’m good with that. I am already working on what’s going to come next. I received enough good, positive feedback about my drawing that I am in no way interested in giving up the webcomics game. I’m sticking around. I’m going to be a face. I’ll just be drawing something else. Something I will start really talking about in the near future.

In the meantime here is what is going to happen: Anthasa Page 15 will mark the end of the story, and then updates will switch to being color pages every week until page 15 is full color as well. Once that is done I will include a link to the new webcomic, so anyone interested in continuing to follow MY adventures as an artist is welcome to do so. There are also very specific plans concerning the indiegogo as well, but I don’t want to have the blogs become too long so I will save that for next week. In anyone would like more information immediately fel free to contact us at


Color Update

Hey everyone,

Just a quick one today. I just wanted to be sure that no one missed out on the color update that we had today. The fourth page is in place and you can check it out here.

I’ll have a nice big post next week. Lots to talk about, but I’m going to keep most of it under my hat for another week and scuttle off to make sure that I have the next page done. ┬áSit tight and I’ll start to talk soon.

Until next week, take care.