Methods of Madness

The battle really kicks in against the troglodytes in the forest there. Or here, if you are looking to view things on a mobile device. It was my first attempt at drawing any sort of a battle scene, and so far, I’m really pleased with the results.

In otherworldly news I’ve spent a bit of time researching how in the heck I’m supposed to be doing all this. Some of you may know, I do all of my art digitally. I have a Surface Pro 2 and I create the comic right on the tablet. I haven’t drawn on a piece of paper, minus that random sketch, since February.

To certain degree I consider myself a pioneer, at least at my low level of professionalism. I’m pretty sure that most major video game studios, as well as places like Disney, are using hardware like this to make their products. They aren’t exactly sharing their techniques though, and I’m not sure how much they would apply to comics all that well anyway. Tons of people are using normal Wacom tablets and I’ve read a few very helpful niche tutorials on Deviantart and things like that, but never found a place where someone has actually sat down and said: “Okay, I have spent some time figuring this all out. Here is how I do it.” At least until now.

Apparently, totally unknown to me, DC comics has got a guy who has made the same switch as I have, and has written a book about how he does his work. This is the part where I feel really bad, because normally I would be saying his name and the title of the book. The truth is: Jon is the one who found it, and has been telling me about it and got me all hyped up to read it. Heh. So much so I am talking about it with only half the information. I’ll tell you what, Once I get the info. I’ll do a quick update to the post. Point is, I’ll let you know if his information is worth looking into.