All of the Preview is Full Color

And that, I must say, feels like quite a bit of an accomplishment. Jon is the one who did the heavy lifting, as usual. You can jump straight to his work on the page here. I particularly like his ability to show us a sunset that I never actually drew.

Every time there is a step that I can mark as completed, I feel that sense of accomplishment. Getting here, and to the halfway point of the first issue, is no exception. I know that there is still a lot to do, but we’re half way there, and that is a great thing to be able to say.

I have been doing my best to manage my time, but I have to say, Starbound has been taking up a chunk of my time that had previously been vacant, or being taken up by old TV and other such non-drawing distractions. Like eating, and sleeping. Seriously, The guys over at Chucklefish have something very special on their hands, and it is exciting to be a part of something that is being developed even as I am playing it. Yu should check it out over on Steam, if you haven’t already. If you are even mildly into this kind of a game I can guarantee that you will make up the price of admission in fun.

The game also already has an impressive modding community that the developers are embracing. For those who don’t have any idea what I just said; The game is very easy to make your own stuff for and add it to the game and share it with others, and the people making the game are very okay with that. I’m even making a foray into that myself. I’ve never made anything for a game before. So far it is fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.