Happy Holidays!

I’m sorry for things being a day late, but I’m sure that you can forgive; it being the holidays and all. Let’s just say there were a few technical issues on top of the usual hullabaloo that comes with this time of year. If you want to hit up the direct link, I think it can be accessed here, if my little link thing is actually working on everyone’s browser again, as I am assured that it is.

I don’t know if you all go in for the New Year’s resolution thing. I’ve talked to enough people that do, I have talked to plenty that do not. I can see both sides of it, but I weigh in on the side that thinks that there is something to making a big decision for yourself at a certain time. I believe in beginnings and in endings. There is something a little bit more powerful for me in saying that the turn of a big moment is a good place to make a start and make an end. It may also help that my birthday is pretty darn close to the new year, too. It very easy for me to look back on a big block of time, like a year, and get a good measure of how far I’ve come in the things I want to do. Have a year pass and being a year older almost simultaneously helps with the perspective.

This past year my resolution was a simple one: become a published comic artist. I managed to pull it off. You are reading the proof of that right now. I’m not bragging. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a very successful comic artist, but I didn’t say that in my resolution, so I’m not complaining. It shows I can get things done, though. I like that. This year’s resolution for comics is pretty simple: get noticed. I have some ideas on what that might take. We’ll see if any of it sticks.