More Color is Here

Things continue to pick up and wind down simultaneously here. Jon has given us a very nice color rendition of older work. You can view it here, if you are so inclined. You don’t have to, of course. I’m sure that there are those out there that just log in each week to have a look at the silly works tat I jumble together here and could give a rat’s ass about whatever artwork gets put up on the site. Sir, I salute you for your insanity.

So, Logan, as our writer, made a very lovely appearance this past week. It is very good to have him back, and I look forward to what he might be sharing with us in the coming weeks. His blog was excellent. Hit the darn back button or just scroll down or whatever it is you need to do. It’s worth it.

it’s interesting being an artist, who follows certain artists when it comes to collecting comics, and working with two people who follow writers and pay very little attention to art. Our conversations very regularly leave me lost and confused. They will go on and on about a writer, I will nod approvingly, having no idea who they are talking about, until they mention the title of the book, and I will go “Ohh!” It is usually a book I already collect. A perfect example these days for me is Amazing X-Men. (which, if you miss Nightcrawler like I DID, you need to read) Anyway, that, if you ask me, is Ed McGuinness’s book. And just who the hell id Jason Aaron?

Anyway, Logan post has inspired me to do the same sort of a thing, but from an artist’s point of view. Next week, or maybe later this week, I’ll put up my own little list of what I’m reading right now in terms of art and why.

Also, links finally work for me now. The change? Fuck Internet Explorer once and for all. Chrome all the way.