A new player on the stage really makes their appearance this week. You can get a mostly shrouded look at him here. It’s about gosh darn time, too. Watching Nixie and Ground do nothing but stand around and be friends together for three months solid was even beginning to get to me, so I can only imagine what you have been going through, readers.

It’s nice to finally have the dynamic of a third person, a third relationship to explore. If you think of the group and their connections in terms of a chart, we just went from two points forming a line to three points forming a triangle. Extra dimensions make all of the difference.

I’m not going to say a lot about ol’ Dirth, here. This is a character with a lot of backstory. A ton. A whole ton. I’m pretty sure he is able to ignore all that and live in the moment about… once a year?

I am going to say a bit about my time crunch as an artist and what to do with the problem; Actually, I think it is problem solved, and I think I have a solution that is mutually beneficial to both of us. The plan is to use the release of the color pages as a way to buy me a little bit of time to get ahead on the story pages. I’m not doing the coloring myself. Jon has been working away and has quite a little pile of work ready to go up. Instead of just dumping it onto the site all at once, we’ll just do things a bit at a time. That way there is always something new on the site every Wednesday, always something new worth looking at. I hope that seems like a good solution to you as well. Thank you for your comments and input last week, and please feel free to leave feedback about this and this week’s comic, as well.

Thanks guys for the support, seriously.