Wizard of Oz Effect

The first of the pages being changed into full color is here. It feels very strange to be directing you back to the beginning of the whole project, but I’m getting used to strange feelings.

I’m of the opinion, good or bad, that my artwork looks a whole lot better in full color. I wish the stuff could stand on it’s own, but the fact is that it just has so much more depth and communicates so much better after the gentle touch of Jon’s Photoshop skills have been applied. My hat is quite literally off to him. I just removed it. Seriously. He claims that he is not very good (a lie) and that with practice he could get even better. Though that may be true (it’s true of every artist) the first part of the statement still rings false. A false paired with a true equals a what? Either way I’ve decided to leave the issue alone, because every iota he improves makes me look better.

I also am feeling really good about this ‘every other week color vs. new page’ thing we have going on. I already feel like I have time to breathe. It’s a welcome feeling. Yesterday I had a conversation with my wife. For fun. And I didn’t have my tablet out. It was earthshaking.

But honestly it really does feel good to not be rushed. I was clocking myself at about 10 days per page at my best quality drawing, and I certainly didn’t want that to give. This way I can maintain that pace and not feel bad about it. I hope you all can understand, and forgive me for it. I’ll tell you what; if I ever have an easy page that takes less than a week and I get ahead, I’ll post a color and a new page both in one week. Deal?