Wrapping himself in bandages to hide his Dark Elf birth, Dirth is a sorcerer who gained his pestilent powers as a result of a dark pact that cost him much more than he ever could have expected. He ventures out of his peoples' dank, underground network of tunnels to find a way to reverse the curse on his soul.

Originally built for war over a thousand years ago, Ground is the sole survivor of the race of sentient machines called the Warborne. Witnessing the death of his people and knowing he would never be accepted by society, he hid away deep in the forests outside Gizmorian. Falling into disrepair, he sat for years until a gnome named Nixie befriended him and changed his life forever. A fiercely loyal and gentle giant, Ground stops at nothing to protect his friends.

Once a dwarven mason, now forced into a life of darkness against his will, the stern and professional Nerrick starts his quest acting in league with the enemy, but for a greater and nobler purpose. The stakes have never been higher for this member of the Theives Guild, and he stays on his path to save those that can't save themselves.

As an upbeat engineering prodigy with more than her fair share of natural curiostiy, Nixie has always wanted a way to see the wonders of the world around her. A chance meeting with an old, broken down Warborne begins her journey down the path to saving an entire world and acting as a beacon of hope for all those around her.

Sven, in both name and title, is the future king of Lake Pond, a city far across the sea that is home to the Goliaths. As a right of passage to prove she is worthy of the throne, Sven must leave her homeland on a heroic quest. Regal, headstrong, and passionate, Sven will do anything she can to prove herself to her people and fight for those she loves.